Tooth extractions can be necessary for a few reasons. Some teeth may be recommended for extraction by your orthodontist due to crowding. Some teeth are too damaged by cavities or breakage to save. And there are some times periodontal disease has compromised the teeth by destroying too much of the surrounding structures to save the tooth.

We will always do a thorough examination with x-rays to determine the best course of action for you. We will go through your options so we can make the right decision for you and your mouth.

If the treatment option of an extraction chosen for you, the procedure, including timelines, and what to expect post-operatively will all be thoroughly discussed with you.

The aftercare of your mouth is important. We will thoroughly go over the proper post-op instructions prior to your procedure, after your procedure and send you home with post-operative care instructions on a print out. Your mouth may be sore for a few days as it heals. We do not recommend smoking, drinking with a straw, or eating foods that may aggravate your mouth. You are going to have to continue to take care of the rest of your teeth, so you will just have to be extra careful around your missing tooth.

We are here for you if you have any problems after surgery. Some people have extra discomfort and pain, so we can recommend certain pain medications. Some people notice swelling in the area, and they need to come in and be seen.